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Pediatric Dentist Sample Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Dr. XXXX and I am a practicing dentist and endodontist, working alongside my father in our practice in Summit, New Jersey. Since this past January, 2017, we have had the profound opportunity of being shadowed, closely observed, and very much assisted by XXXX, a delightful and charming young woman who is a very fast learner and extremely dedicated to her goal of becoming a dentist. She is supporting us with procedures, patient preparation and education, as well as office procedures. XXXX will be very sorely missed when she leaves us. I could not recommend her more highly for dental school.

My father and I both have a great appreciation for diversity in dentistry, along with the fact that it is a global profession, and distinguished in our great efforts at outreach to the underserved. XXXX is a walking symbol of diversity celebration and concern for the underserved. I envy her facility with language and especially her ability to related to underprivileged children. She is quite extraordinary and blessed insofar as she is a native speaker of Spanish as well as English since both of her parents are from Puerto Rico, and is even fluent in Italian as well as rapidly learning Portuguese. This is such a special asset these days in multilingual America.

Next year, XXXX will be completing her MS Degree in Biomedical Sciences - and it shows. She is very conversant and passionate about developments in all areas of medicine as well as dentistry, especially insofar as they are related to public health. XXXX is extremely dedicated, and a very hard worker who stays very much engaged with the community, especially for healthcare related events and activities.

My father has shared with me on numerous occasions how he also very much appreciates the innumerable contributions that XXXX has made to the day-to-day workings of our clinic, especially in her attention to the patients. Her passion for learning everything that she can about dentistry as quickly as she can learn it is inspiring, as she catches on to things very quickly.

Most of all, on top of always being very pleasant company with a marvelous sense of humor and good cheer, XXXX’s sheer enthusiasm for oral health is contagious. While she was studying dental immunology, for example, she would come to the clinic with her brain working non-stop, bubbling over with ideas for advancement in oral health, especially the protection of the oral health of children. While she is marvelous with patients of all ages, she is virtually unsurpassed from my experience, in her ability to attend to children, calm them, put them at ease, bond with them. Thus, it does not surprise me at all that Adriana has her sights set on becoming a Pediatric Dentist, after first completing your distinguished program. It is an honor to recommend her.

Please let me know if I can provide any further recommendation for XXXX as we are fully assured that she has enormous potential to someday rank among the very finest of pediatric dentists.


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Most of my clients are people for whom English is a second language. Almost all are multilingual and many have extensive experience from outside the United States. Some of the clients for whom I draft Letters of Recommendation or LORs are already dentists who have completed their training and already practiced dentistry in their country of origin; and now they are applying to Advanced Placement Programs leading to the DDS degree in America, Canada, England and Australia. Most of my clients also share my interest in serving the desperate need for extensive new initiatives in oral health care geared towards meeting the needs of societies’ most vulnerable sectors in the Developing World.

I am convinced that one’s ethnicity, language skills, and multicultural experiences need to be woven together in a most eloquent fashion in your Personal Statement, as interconnected themes that radiate throughout your admission essay. Your ethnic or racial background and international aptitudes are your greatest assets as an applicant, and they need to be carefully related to both your short and long term goals.

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